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Let's Get Started
Let's Get the Word out about BM!
Graphics for your myspace profile!!
Computer Lingo
look here if you are not sure what the abbreviations mean. If you know some that are not listed then post them here for others to learn.
If you have any suggestions on anything from ways to get more members to other forums, place them here.
Question of the week

Mommy Forum

Mommy and Me activities
If you know of any places that do mommy and me stuff or if someone is wanting to host a mommy and me at their home list it here. You can also list ideas for moms to do at home with their children.
News, Events, and Politics
Discussion of world, national, and local news and events, as well as political discussion and debate.
Growing Up
Children with Special Needs

Day Care
a Place for moms with children in day care to talk about issues they may have. A place where those considering a day care can come and get advice.
Area and Support Groups
All about our Area and Support Forums
We have several Groups available. Included in these are: Breastfeeding,Moms over 35, Young Moms, Working Moms,Stay at Home Moms,Adoption,Bonus Moms,Single Moms, NL & AP, Let's talk about SEX, baby! To join any of these go to the top under "usergroups" -pick which one you want to join and then click view information. Then click subscribe! If you are not approved within 3 days please contact one of the admins.
Find support about breastfeeding!
Moms over 35
A forum for moms that had their first child at 35+
Young Moms
A forum for moms that had their 1st child before 21.
Working Moms
Working mom's support forum
Stay at Home Moms
A forum for SAHM to support each other.
Adopted a Child? Wanting to Adopt? Been Adopted yourself?
Bonus Moms
A private forum where Bonus Moms - moms with step-children - can chat and discuss issues related to blended families
Single Moms
Get support from other moms that are like you-Single!
Discuss natural living issues such as holistic health care, natural birthing, attachment parenting, alternative schooling, nutritious whole foods, and environmentally conscientious living. Click Usergroups (top of screen) to join.
quit smoking support group

Mothers of Multiples
Forum for mothers that have twins, or more.
Foster Moms
a place where foster moms can go for advise or anyone thinking about becoming one can get information on how to do it.
Moms of Preemies/sick babies
share your stories, trials and anything else you want to here.
Moms with shared custody
This is for those moms who share custody of their biological children with their father.
Behavior Issues
are your children not listening to you no matter what? Need some new ideas? Post your problems here for some help and maybe help someone else if you can.
Finance discussion.
MultiCultural Families

Daily Duties
Let's talk about SEX, baby!
Adult content forum. Sex is discussed and other subjects related to the topic.
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Secret Sisters

The grocery game

new Year, New you Weight loss
post about the weight loss challenges here. Have a workout that works for that you want to share post that here as well.
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